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Hard River Crossing Logic Puzzle

Hard River Crossing Logic Puzzle - 28 November

You must have heard of so many river crossing riddles however this one is a bit tricky one. We have a dysfunctional family on one side of the river which includes mom and 2 daughters, dad and 2 sons, a maid and a dog. Like usual, there is a boat that can hold only two persons at a time (dog counts as one person as well). Obviously, the kids can’t operate the boat and we need an adult for that task.

Here comes the difficulties. The maid must remain with the dog so she can control it or it will head up for a violent biting. The dad cannot be left with the daughters without mom and nor can the mother be left alone with the sons without dad.

Can you help them cross the river?

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  1. 1. Dad crosses over with son. Dad returns.
    2. Mom crosses over with daughter. Mom returns.
    3. Dad crosses over with other son. Dad returns.
    4. Mom crosses over with other daughter. Mom returns.
    5. Dad crosses over with Mom. Dad returns.
    6. Maid crosses over with Dad. Mom returns.
    7. Dad & Mom cross over.

    1. At 6th step, the maid crosses over with the dog! Mom returns!

  2. Dear Marshall did the dog swim back.

  3. maid + dog --> dog stays
    maid returns
    maid + son1 --> son1 stays
    maid + dog returns
    dad + son2 --> son 1+ son2 stays
    dad returns
    mom + dad ---> dad + son1 + son2 stays
    mom returns
    mom + daughter1 --> daughter1 + son1 +son2 stays
    dad + mom returns

    mom + daughter2 ---> daughter1 + daughter2 + son1 + son2 stay
    mom returns
    mom + father --> d1 + d2 + s1+ mom + father
    son2 returns
    maid + dog ---> d1 + d2 + mom + son1 + maid+dog
    father returns
    father + son2 --> s1 + s2 + d1 +d2+father+mom+maid+dog


    1. The dad cannot be left with the daughters without mom and nor can the mother be left alone with the sons without dad.

  4. I did maid and the dog maid returns
    maid and girl 1 maid and dog returns
    mom and girl 2 mom returns
    dad and son 1 dad returns
    dad and son 2 dad returns
    mom and dad dad returns
    maid and dad maid returns
    maid and dog no one returns because they are all over on the other side now!!!!!!! :D

  5. Dad+mom+son1+son2+dau1+dau2----Maid+dog----dog stays (maid return)
    Dad+son2+mom+dau1+dau2----Maid+son1----son1 styas(maid & dog return)
    Maid+dog+mom+dau1+dau2---Dad+son2----son1+son2 stays(dad return)
    Maid+dog+dau1+dau2----Mom+dad----son1+son2+dad stays(mom return)
    Mom+dau1+dau2---Maid+dog----son1+son2+maid+dog styas(dad return)
    Dau1+dau2---Mom+dad---- son1+son2+maid+dog+dad stays
    Dau2---Mom+dau1--- son1+son2+dad+mom+dau1 stays
    Dod--Maid+dau2---son1+son2+dad+dau1+dau2+mom stays
    0---Maid+dog--- task completed.

  6. A side of river -----> in boat (x returns) : B side of river
    M,S,D,D,m,d -----> F,S (F returns) : S
    M,S,,D,m,d -----> F,D (F returns) : S,D
    F,S,m,d -----> M,D (M returns) ; S,D,D
    S,m,d -----> F,M (F returns) : S,D,D,M
    F,S -----> m,d (M returns) : S,D,D,m,d
    S -----> F,M (F returns) : S,D,D,m,d,M
    ------> F,S (no one retruns) : S,D,D,m,d,M,F,S